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Dyn-Optics has designed and manufactured a variety of electro-optical instruments for various industries for over twenty years. These industries include: (1) metal finishing, (2) optical coating, (3) continuous coating (converting),  and (4) fire protection. The following is a small sample of our capabilities.


Model 262 Reflectometer

The Model 262 Reflectometer was developed for the Bright Plating industry to measure reflectance at various locations on a spun aluminum curved surface for streetlight and other reflectors. This compact desktop instrument is easy to use and simple to calibrate thereby providing production people with a rapid means to assure quality of the reflectors being processed.

Model 262a
Model 262


Model 590 Optical Monitor

Dyn-Optics Model 590 Optical Monitor utilizes a sophisticated linear photometric measuring technique to determine the reflectance or transmittance of coatings as they are being deposited onto a substrate in a vacuum coating chamber.

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Model 590

Model 330 Monochromator and Wavelength Controller

The Model 330 Monochromator and Wavelength Controller is used in conjunction with Dyn-Optics Model 590 Optical Monitor to select the wavelength of operation. The Monochromator has the advantage of an infinitely variable wavelength selection compared to the fixed wavelengths of filters. Furthermore, the wavelength of the monochromator can be easily adjusted from the control console and the wavelength will be retained in memory when the power is turned off.

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Model 330

Model 277-3 Three Wavelength Reflectometer

The Three Wavelength Reflectometer, Model 277-3 is utilized by the optical coating industry to measure reflectance of high and low reflectance coatings at three wavelengths. This instrument is simple to use and provides manufacturing with means of readily determining the characteristics of reflectors.

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Model 277-3


Model 5400 Transmissometer

The Model 5400 Transmissometer is housed in a tabletop chassis that contains the light source, detector, electronics and digital display of the transmission of the measured sample. The instrumentation consists of a sophisticated synchronously demodulated detection and amplifier system for maximum discrimination against spurious illumination and electronic noise. The instrument can operate in full room light and maintain its accuracy.

Model 5400



Transmissometers - Various Models

Dyn-Optics had manufactured various transmissometers for the continuous coating or converting industry for use in production for quality control of finished coatings or in a vacuum chamber for in-situ measurements for on-line control of coating parameters. These instruments have been made for operation at various wavelengths or photopic spectral response and from one channel to fourteen.

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Various Models


Model 955 Fire Finder II

The Model 955 Fire Finder II is a self-contained, hand-held, infrared sensor that emits an audible alarm when pointed at a heat source. The hotter the source, the higher the pitch of the alarm. The response time is instantaneous and no eye attention is required to read meters or interpret lights. The FIRE FINDER II has a built-in self-test that simulates an infrared source that causes the unit to respond by giving an audible alarm every time it is turned on. This feature assures the firefighter that the FIRE FINDER II is operational before entering a low-visibility, smoke-filled, fire environment.

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Model 955

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