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Our rates are
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Why use Liz's Paper Jungle as Your
Virtual Assistant?


Save thousands of dollars each year, and never miss a deadline.
Don't hire employees…CALL US…pay only for the work you need.
Save on Employee Benefits, Workers' Comp and Disability Insurance,
Federal and State Employee Taxes and Social Security Taxes.


When using our service, there's no need for you to squeeze in another work station, telephone line or other equipment and supplies required to run an efficient, effective business office. Whether you work from a home office or outside the home, partnering with us makes sense AND saves you money. As a subcontractor, we are responsible for our own taxes, health benefits and are not considered, in any way, an employee.


Whether you need a secretary for typing letters, word processing, spreadsheets, database entry, etc.; or a graphic designer for typesetting your brochures, flyers, employee manuals, etc.; or custom art and logo design; or any other type of secretarial or design services, you should consider Virtual Assistance outsourcing. If fulfillment is your issue…we do that too. Take a look at our list of services (Virtual Assistance Page) if the service you need is not listed, call us. If we can't do it chances are we can connect you with someone who can. Remember it’s more cost effective to use our services than hire employees. The total cost of an employee is normally about 2 1/2 times the cost of a VA. You never have to pay us for vacations, holidays, or idle time. Pay only for the work you need, when you need it.


While you are doing the things you do best, we can take those projects that have been bogging you down, virtually, off your hands. We can manage your correspondence, typeset your new Employee Manual, set up and manage your Excel Spreadsheets, or design and manage your database. We can help qualify your new hires by performing reference calls and background checks. We'll be glad to remind you of important dates, schedule your meetings, search for the perfect corporate gift, research the Internet or even answer your phone while you're away from your office. A "Virtual Receptionist" if you will.


We specialize in assisting small businesses with Sales & Marketing Programs custom designed to fit their needs. Tired of being tied to your desk making cold calls? We can take that off your hands as well. And we actually like to do it.


It will be our pleasure to serve you! Now…how can we help?
Member: IAVOA - International Association of Virtual Office Assistance


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